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Abstract: Urban planners play an important role, communicate plans with developers on behalf of the city and its inhabitants. They also function as shepherds for a developer’s development application, communicating with civic technicians, who ensure adherence to bylaws, civic committees, and the public. As a communication proxy between all these different stakeholders, urban planners often […]

Abstract: Oftentimes, within the urban planning process, urban planners and GIS experts must work together using desktop Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS). However, participatory communication and visualization which are important in the urban planning process, are not a central focus in the design of current computer-aided planning technologies. This study tends to […]

Abstract: For urban and transportation planners, GIS has become an essential tool in land use planning and in the design of urban infrastructure. The use of PC-based GIS software has made it possible to analyze massive data sets on an urban scale. Although there is a wide availability of new multitouch displays such as smart-phones, […]