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Abstract: This exploratory study seeks to investigate the subject of the design review process and its embedment in digital media, with a primary focus on mobile interactive surfaces. Despite the growing body of academic research on the topic, there is a gap in evaluating how aspects of the design review process can be performed with […]

Abstract: As a synthesis, this paper offers the opportunity to rethink the status of current technologies within the design review process. It suggests the potential for transforming the complex participatory, communicative, and technical nuances of the design review process to coexist with the affordances of the new genre of digital media. Thus, this paper presents […]

Book Summary: Design research is a complex synthesis concerned with the design process, encompassing design epistemology, theoretical perspective, methodology, and method. The study of design research and its widespread applications began with the aspiration to scientise design. However, similar to its predecessors such as sciences and arts, design has gradually been identified as an independent […]