Urban Planning Process: Can Technology Enhance the Participatory Communication?


Oftentimes, within the urban planning process, urban planners and GIS experts must work together using desktop Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS). However, participatory communication and visualization which are important in the urban planning process, are not a central focus in the design of current computer-aided planning technologies. This study tends to provide an understanding of technological challenges and complexities urban planners and GIS experts encounter while engaging in a participatory environment during the urban planning process. This study also explores the perceptions of urban planners and GIS experts about the potential impact and usefulness of interactive surfaces in their practice. Participants including ten urban planners and GIS experts are interviewed. From the analysis of the interviews, five main categories emerge that offer a snapshot of urban planners’ and GIS experts’ current urban planning work practices and expectations while interacting with CAD and GIS when provided with interactive surfaces.


Vishkaie, R. S., Levy, R. M., and Tang, A. (2014). Urban Planning Process: Can Technology Enhance Participatory Communication?. Urban Planning and Design Research, 2, 20-31.

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