Perception and Reality: Exploring Urban Planners’ Vision on GIS Tasks for Multi-Touch Displays


For urban and transportation planners, GIS has become an essential tool in land use planning and in the design of urban infrastructure. The use of PC-based GIS software has made it possible to analyze massive data sets on an urban scale. Although there is a wide availability of new multitouch displays such as smart-phones, tablets, tabletops and large wall displays, they are rarely used by planning professionals. This research explores the role that such displays may have with GIS experts, specifically urban planners. In conducting this research, interviews with GIS professionals focused on how they analyzed GIS data, as well as their perceptions of the types of tasks that maybe suitable for multi-touch displays. The primary tasks identified from the participants in the study were collaboration, visualization and data analysis. This research will further analyze the tasks, with respect to urban planners and consider the properties of various multitouch displays to explore the role of multi-touch displays in the GIS context.


Vishkaie, R. S., and Levy, R. M. (2012). Perception and reality: exploring urban planners’ vision on GIS tasks for multi-touch displays. Paper presented at the ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Boston, MA.

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