Bubble Play: an Interactive Learning Medium for Young Children


This paper describes the creation of a game-based, bio-inspired, and interactive learning medium for 7-8 year-old children, called Bubble Play, which runs on a typical PC. In this experimental medium, four tasks, namely Color Combination, Arithmetic Operation, Word Formation, and Object Creation can be understood and modeled as a sophisticated translation of the spatial production systems of bubbles. Although Bubble Play has not yet been formally evaluated, its objective is that basic knowledge and skills are acquired by a player through systematic interaction with simulated spatial objects. Bubble Play promotes systems thinking by requiring players’ use of visual concepts and is designed to support instruction in basic mathematics and language skills.


Vishkaie, R. S., and Levy, R. M. (2015). Bubble Play: an Interactive Learning Medium for Young Children. Paper presented at the IEEE International Conference on Cyberworlds, Visby, Sweden.

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