Abstract: For urban and transportation planners, GIS has become an essential tool in land use planning and in the design of urban infrastructure. The use of PC-based GIS software has made it possible to analyze massive data sets on an urban scale. Although there is a wide availability of new multitouch displays such as smart-phones, […]

Abstract: Oftentimes, within the urban planning process, urban planners and GIS experts must work together using desktop Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS). However, participatory communication and visualization which are important in the urban planning process, are not a central focus in the design of current computer-aided planning technologies. This study tends to […]

Abstract: Urban planners play an important role, communicate plans with developers on behalf of the city and its inhabitants. They also function as shepherds for a developer’s development application, communicating with civic technicians, who ensure adherence to bylaws, civic committees, and the public. As a communication proxy between all these different stakeholders, urban planners often […]

Book Summary: Design research is a complex synthesis concerned with the design process, encompassing design epistemology, theoretical perspective, methodology, and method. The study of design research and its widespread applications began with the aspiration to scientise design. However, similar to its predecessors such as sciences and arts, design has gradually been identified as an independent […]

Abstract: As a synthesis, this paper offers the opportunity to rethink the status of current technologies within the design review process. It suggests the potential for transforming the complex participatory, communicative, and technical nuances of the design review process to coexist with the affordances of the new genre of digital media. Thus, this paper presents […]

Abstract: This paper describes the creation of a game-based, bio-inspired, and interactive learning medium for 7-8 year-old children, called Bubble Play, which runs on a typical PC. In this experimental medium, four tasks, namely Color Combination, Arithmetic Operation, Word Formation, and Object Creation can be understood and modeled as a sophisticated translation of the spatial […]

Abstract: This research tends to explore the subject of the gender equality and women’s empowerment and their engagement in smart development, with a primary focus on ICT and wearable technologies, such as small scale intelligent devices and interactive sensor elements. Although a growing body of academic research on the topic is increasing, there is a […]

Abstract: This study aims to explore the contextual variables which impact the levels of low to high creativity moments. We aim to use wearable technology to close the gap between the topic of creativity by measuring moments of creative fixation and then using feedback in these low creativity moments to spur creativity. Ultimately, the main […]

Abstract: This exploratory study seeks to investigate the subject of the design review process and its embedment in digital media, with a primary focus on mobile interactive surfaces. Despite the growing body of academic research on the topic, there is a gap in evaluating how aspects of the design review process can be performed with […]